Works updates

We’re developing campuses for the future. Where possible we keep disruptive work to times that limit the impact on local residents, staff and students. With the size of some of the works we are doing this is not always possible. Keep up-to-date with current works and route changes on all our campuses.

Construction of new buildings on the Headington Hill site (May 2023 update)

Oxford Brookes received planning permission in June 2022 for two new buildings on the Headington Hill site. The new teaching and workshop buildings we are constructing will help to transform STEM and creative industries activity. The cutting-edge, sustainable spaces will allow our students, staff and researchers to flourish, boost local collaboration and meet the needs of business. We currently expect the buildings to open their doors for the 2024/25 academic year.

Further information on the development can be found on the project's dedicated webpage where you can view a CGI fly-through video of the new buildings.

Construction of two new buildings began in January 2023, following the completion of enabling work. 

Building work update from construction company Willmott Dixon

The University's contracted construction company Willmott Dixon will, from April 2023, be providing a monthly update on the building work for the teaching and workshop buildings on the Headington Hill site at Oxford Brookes University. The latest update can be viewed and downloaded via the following link:

Recent progress highlighted in the latest Willmott Dixon update includes:

  • completion of the foundations for the teaching block and ground prep or the crane to erect the superstructure
  • removal of part of the old ramped stair at the north of the site to enable backup access to the site for smaller deliveries
  • delivery of a viewing pod and preparation of the path leading up to this from the external gate
  • progress with workshop building structure with the foundations and retaining walls.

Upcoming activities highlighted in the latest Willmott Dixon update include: 

  • further progress with the steel frame for the teaching building
  • installation of the pre-cast stairs and completion of the structural elements of the teaching building frame
  • creation of an access road along the north of the site to enable access for a second crane
  • sub-structure works will continue on the workshop building as well as retaining walls.

Other updates to be aware of for those on site:

  • A barrier system has been introduced to help ensure traffic safety. The barriers will be lowered when construction vehicles are maneuvering near to the Gatehouse at the entrance to the site.
  • The rear access doors from Richard Hamilton Building became a designated fire escape route only from Monday 6 February. Signage has been put in place to indicate this change in access arrangements.

Headington Hill site parking update

The top car park on the Headington Hill site permanently closed during the enabling works stage in November 2022, as this is the location of the new workshop building.

To allow for ongoing construction work, additional impacts on Headington Hill parking spaces include:

  • the removal of seven bays to provide necessary project access to the lower car park near the Richard Hamilton Building (completed end of November 2022).
  • the removal of four bays immediately adjacent to the site entrance - this is to create space for construction vehicles to turn (completed the last week of January 2023).
  • the removal of one additional bay immediately opposite the main entrance of Richard Hamilton Building in March 2023. This is to provide a second access onto the site and provide additional turning space for construction vehicles as work progresses.
  • the temporary removal of four bays by the Drama Studio to allow for the relocation of the electric vehicle charger previously located by the Gatehouse at the entrance of the site. This work, which began in January, was during the week commencing 6 February 2023.

The University acknowledges parking at Headington Campus has become more challenging. Notwithstanding this, we ask those with non-electric vehicles (EV) to not park in the designated EV spaces. More generally please also ensure that you park within marked bays when parking on campus.  

It is likely that further temporary losses of a small number of car parking spaces will be necessary throughout the construction phase. Where possible, this will be communicated via these Work Update pages.

Further information for staff on alternative, sustainable ways of travelling to the Headington Campus can be found on the University’s Travel webpages.

Live images of the new Headington Hill buildings' construction work

While the construction work on the Headington Hill site takes place, the two following cameras below show regular progress for the teaching building (left) and the workshop building (right).

Redevelopment of Clive Booth Student Village (May 2023 update)

Oxford Brookes received planning permission in November 2021 for the redevelopment of Clive Booth Student Village.

The project will provide an increased number of high-quality rooms within the University’s estate. This will help to reduce the number of students living in private rented accommodation and support efforts to manage local housing demand.

The construction work will be undertaken on behalf of the University by Morgan Sindall, who are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Safety is of the utmost importance and both Oxford Brookes and Morgan Sindall will ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum while work is undertaken. 

Ongoing work

  • An immense amount of development has taken place over the last six weeks, with a lot of new tradespeople now starting work on site. All tower cranes have now been installed and are working continuously to supply materials to the site. 

  • Buildings E, D, F and C are all now fully under construction at different phases.

  • The concrete frame for Building E is complete and all modular bathroom pods are in place.

  • The concrete frame for Building F has started with columns being poured to form the ground floor up to level one.

  • Building D has been continuing at a rapid pace and the concrete frame is now up to level four, with the first area of the fifth floor getting ready to be poured.

  • The ground floor concrete slab for Building C is nearly complete and the first columns are formed at the west side of the slab.

  • Further detail, including progress of the new accommodation blocks, can be found in the latest newsletter link on this page.

Find out more about Clive Booth Student Village in person


From May 2022 Morgan Sindall, in collaboration with Oxford Brookes, began hosting drop-in information sessions on the first Monday of every month. Anyone is welcome to attend the sessions which allow for individuals or groups to hear about the latest developments and ask questions. They take place at the Morgan Sindall Site Office located within the previous Morrells Bar on the Clive Booth Student Village site. The next drop-in sessions will be taking place from 3.00pm to 5.00pm on:

  • Monday 15 May 2023
  • Monday 19 June 2023
  • Monday 17 July 2023
  • Monday 21 August 2023
  • Monday 18 September 2023

Information and images are also viewable on hoardings (pictured left) which can be found near the Cuckoo Lane entrance to Clive Booth Student Village site.

Creation of a Peace Garden on the Headington Campus (April 2023 update)

From March 2023, a new Peace Garden is to be created in the courtyard area (sometimes referred to as the Buckley Quad) between the Buckley, Clerici and Abercrombie buildings on the Headington Campus. The purpose of the project is to:

  • create a quiet, outdoor space for students, staff and visitors to use for reflection, including a simple path labyrinth for meditation
  • improve biodiversity on campus through the use of native plants and by creating habitats for insects
  • improve the experience of staff and students working in the adjacent buildings by creating a pleasant view of the courtyard.

There will be further volunteering opportunities to help with the creation of a pond in the Peace Garden in the future, with further information being provided in due course. 

Buckley Quad area where a new peace garden will be created

Geo-Exchange System for the Gipsy Lane site

About the project

Oxford Brookes has introduced a Geo-Exchange Heating System to displace the use of fossil fuels. It is estimated that the introduction of the new system will help to reduce carbon emissions from the University’s Gipsy Lane site by approximately 20%. 

The system consists of a heat pump installed within a pre-existing interior plant room, or energy centre. It also involves an innovative new approach to carbon reduction utilising boreholes and inter-connecting flowlines that are capped at the surface, with manhole covers.

The number of boreholes required is fourteen, with a depth of approximately 220m. The drilling diameter for each borehole is approximately 15-20cm. The boreholes are located on the University’s access road parallel with Gipsy Lane next to the Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall building. The manhole covers are a standard size, visible only at ground level, with access for maintenance and servicing.

Physical work began on Monday 20 December 2021, with external works completed in July 2022. The work was  undertaken by Black Mountain Developments on behalf of the University. 

Further information on the completion of the project can be found on the University's webpages.