Accounts Payable, Payment and Pensions

Accounts Payable team

The Payments function processes payments to:

  • University suppliers
  • foreign accounts
  • one-off suppliers
  • staff advances for field trips.

Also, staff and student expenses are also currently processed through the Finance system.

The team also administers the University's Credit and Purchasing cards.

Payroll and Pensions team

The payroll function is responsible for making of payments to staff, and for producing monthly and annual returns to all the statutory bodies, including HMRC and University pension schemes.

The following staff types are paid via the payroll:

  • permanent
  • hourly paid
  • casual
  • fixed term contracts
  • consultants
  • external examiners
  • invigilators 
  • specialist lecturers. 

And the following related services are provided:

  • tax forms
  • statutory deductions
  • production of payslips (where applicable)
  • P60’s.

Payroll and Pensions