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Beyond Intersectionality: Redefining Difference in the City
Sophie Russell

A study evaluating the effectiveness of game design and development in promoting sustainable and pro-environmental behaviours amongst higher education students
Hannah C. Kelly, University of Lincoln


The beef with vegans: Managing stigma in Britain's hegemonic meat culture
Hannah Howard, Edge Hill University


Plastic packaging: What are we doing to our planet?
Megan Bendall, Bath Spa University

Unequal geographies of education in the London Borough of Enfield: A mixed methods approach
Lucy E. Waters, University of Cambridge


Interpretation at Maltese World Heritage sites: Tensions between site authenticity and meeting diverse visitor needs
Katie Evans and Phillippa Gatehouse, Oxford Brookes University

The influence of debris on the ablation rate of the snowpack at the base of the Sulztal glacier, Austria
J. Charge et al., University of Leeds


Studentification: The impact on residents of an English city
Matt Mosey, University of Lincoln

The role of primary school education in challenging the geographies of financial exclusion
Amy McAree, Loughborough University


Changing geographies of retail: Does the high street have a future?
Rikhil Morjaria, University of Reading


International retirement migrants and their sense of home: The case of Malta
Alexandra Hamilton, Oxford Brookes University

The impact of land cover and sea: Breeze on Blackpool's coastal urban heat island
Damon Waterworth, University of Chester

Establishing depositional coastal landform development through particle characteristics: A case study of the marshland at Budleigh Salterton, Devon
Harry West and Paolo Santarpino, University of the West of England


‘Hindus on a Rock’: A socio-geographical analysis of the Sindhi community of Gibraltar and its diaspora from modern-day Pakistan
James Peck, Oxford Brookes University

Why do you even lift: The reasons for men attempting to gain muscular physiques through working out in gyms in the north east of England
Lewis Hill, Northumbria University


Locavoracious: What are the impacts and feasibility of satisfying food demand with local production?
Katie O'Sullivan, McGill University


The ambitions of secondary school girls in Jinja District, Uganda in the context of ‘gender balancing’
Jonathan Kelly, University of Gloucestershire

Dispersal and deposition modelling of ash from Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat
Tom Pering, University of Reading


A critical evaluation of salt weathering impacts on building materials at Jazirat al Hamra, UAE
Sarah-Jane Bates, Oxford Brookes University


An investigation into plant species composition on the Roman wall in Silchester, Hampshire, UK
Cheryl Pocock, Oxford Brookes University

Effects of an impact event: an analysis of asteroid 1989FC
Tom Gilchrist, University of Reading


Does the carbon footprint of organic milk production negate its environmental benefits?
Henry J.W. Robertson, Oxford Brookes University

The relationship between crack orientation and solar insolation in Wadi Shehah, Northern United Arab Emirates
Elisabeth Rewcastle, Oxford Brookes University




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