• Oxford Brookes Bioinnovation Hub

    Opening access to collaboration, innovation, and resources in bioscience

    Oxford Brookes University is proud to be part of the push for innovation and commercial exploitation of knowledge in bioscience.

    A 2015 report from Capital Economics identified the bioscience sector as making a contribution worth £36.1bn, and sustaining 3.4m jobs in the UK economy, making it an increasingly important and successful element of growth and prosperity. Indications suggest that these figures are only likely to increase.

    The Oxford Brookes Bioinnovation Hub is a flagship for the university’s drive to share cutting-edge research and knowledge-led innovation in building the sector. Through the Hub we’re opening up opportunities for:

    • Research collaboration
    • Access to specialist equipment that would otherwise require significant capital investment, such as our range of light and electron microscopes within our Bioimaging Suite
    • Access to university expertise and laboratory space for developing companies
    • Specialist services to assist biotech companies in moving forward with innovative projects
    • Student placement opportunities

    Building on our success, and our role in establishing Oxfordshire Bioscience Network, the Bioinnovation Hub is a further indicator of the University’s ongoing commitment to working with business and industry to commercialise research and impact in our community.