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Powering innovation and enterprise with research.

If you are looking to identify a problem, and develop solutions, it’s time to talk business with Oxford Brookes. Contact us to find out how we can make an impact within your business. We can tailor arrangements to suit the needs of a wide range of organisations looking for expertise and support for innovation.

Our services

We have a comprehensive range of intellectual expertise, equipment, and resources to drive your projects forward. We offer well-equipped laboratories and specialist resources, including the provision of facilities and workspace for new project teams.

In a thriving and stimulating environment, supported by the University’s Research and Business Development Office, we can:

  • offer access to our wide network of experts so you can seek out the support and collaboration you need,
  • partner with you on applications to tried and tested government-funded schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or other research-funding institutions and charities,
  • introduce university expertise into your research programmes through collaborative agreements,
  • help nurture your fledgling project, with advice and support (RBDO link) on a diverse range of business processes, intellectual property and recruitment,
  • produce advice in identifying commercial potential in your research.

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Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Take the next step towards building a successful and rewarding partnership.

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