Editorial team

  • Suzuko Anai

    Suzuko Anai (Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies at Oxford Brookes University) is a creator of the series. She designed the grade structure and selects themes and topics for stories. She works closely with the authors and illustrators to ensure the series provides truly unique learning materials.

    Suzuko received a Brookes Teaching Fellowship Award in 2006 for excellence in teaching. Suzuko is actively involved in Japanese language education in the UK and overseas. She held the position of Chair of The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe (AJE) from 2006 to 2011. She is currently leading two international projects, one on the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) and the Japan Foundation Japanese Standard and other is looking into the articulation between secondary and higher education. She is a member of The Japanese Language Committee of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) since the Committee’s establishment in 1998.

    Keiko Ikeshiro is an Instructor in Japanese Studies at Oxford Brookes University, and an experienced teacher at both secondary and higher education levels. She is a member of The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe and the British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. She played a leading part in creating the Let’s Read Japanese vocabulary and grammar. She selects stories and works closely with re-writers and illustrators to produce enjoyable and culturally insightful books for learners.
    Irène Hill is the Programme Lead for Modern Languages at Oxford Brookes University. She is a strong team player, leader by example, inspiring others towards shared goals, mentoring and coaching in the development of Modern Languages. She is leading the Oxford Brookes reading series.