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    Let’s Read Japanese Level 1, Volume 1

    ISBN 978-0-9929299-4-7

    Volume 1 includes: Yamata no Orochi, Setsubun no Oni, Alice in Wonderland, The Three Friends and Mari’s Blue Pot.

    Let’s Read Japanese Level 2, Volume 1

    ISBN 978-0-9929299-0-9

    Volume 1 includes: The Grateful Crane, Prince Ushiwaka, The Snow Queen, The Mystery of an Old Temple, and The Thunder Gate and a Cat

    Let’s Read Japanese Level 2, Volume 2

    ISBN 978-0-9929299-1-6

    Volume 2 includes: The Carpenter and the Demon, The Tale of Tanabata, Puss in Boots, The Cats and Tanabata, and Masaru Comes Home.

    Let’s Read Japanese Level 3, Volume 1

    ISBN 978-1-9997412-0-4

    Volume 1 includes: Lady Murasaki,  Red Candles and the , Collection of Haiku, and The Futamata Tunnel Explosion.