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Logos for, from left to right: Bloomsbury Cite Them Right,  Brookes Harvard Style and EndNote. There are from left to right   arrows between Cite them Right and Brookes Harvard and between   Brookes Harvard and EndNote. There is also wording. Under Cite   Them Right- A resource to help you reference correctly and   avoid plagiarism. Under Brookes Harvard Style - Brookes Harvard   is based on the advice found in Cite Them Right. Under EndNote   - Brookes Harvard Style is available within EndNote.

  • Brookes Harvard referencing style is the standard system of referencing used in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. However you should always ask your module leader or supervisor which referencing style they want you to use. Word and PDF versions of the guide to using Brookes Harvard are available. The guide contains lots of examples.
  • Brookes Harvard is based on the online service Cite Them Right. Cite them Right contains examples of a wide range of sources, along with broader advice on how and why we reference. More about this subject can also be found on our how to reference and avoid plagiarism webpage.
  • EndNote is a tool for storing and organising your references. It can save you a lot of time and effort with referencing. Enrolling and working through the EndNote Web Moodle course will help you to learn how to use it.