About our research

The School of Law and Social Sciences brings together a range of disciplines which engage directly with the world beyond the university. Our researchers represent a group of subjects which explore and shape contemporary life in its widest possible definition. We think critically about diverse peoples and cultures, and consider the ways that words give meaning to lived reality. We also work through a variety of channels to make change happen, especially through the development of policy.

Areas of expertise

Our research has received international recognition for its excellence, significance and innovation. We are committed to engaging purposefully with partners and stakeholders in the UK and further afield in order to create positive change in people’s lives. Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • systems of criminal justice
  • gendered practices in professional and family life
  • constitutional change
  • fundamental rights and equality
  • global trade policy
  • impacts of climate change
  • wildlife and conservation.
Flags from around the world
Refugees seeking medical support
Protester with sign "What lessens one of us lessens all of us"
Human Origins and Palaeo Environments research
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Our approach

Our approach is inclusive and interdisciplinary in character. We employ a number of different methods which together allow us to develop a multi-perspectival grasp of contemporary culture. Our focus on the real-world applications of our research leads naturally to partnership with groups such as the World Health Organisation and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. 

We are also committed to ensuring that our own students benefit from our research expertise. Our research groups encourage collaboration between colleagues across the School, and have bespoke links to our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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