Fees Policy

Fees are revised each September and set at variable rates for student, staff and external placements. A financial contract must be signed before the childcare commences and parents must indicate their payment option e.g. by monthly invoice, tax-free childcare, Brookes’ tax saving scheme, nursery education grant or childcare grant (for full-time students). It is the responsibility of parents who pay via the government’s tax-free childcare to ensure the correct amount is transferred to the nursery account within the payment period.

Invoices will be issued at the beginning of the childcare month and there is a 30 day payment period.

Students are advised to make their application for funding well in advance to ensure they have the funds required for payment. Some leniency to the payment period may be afforded to students awaiting their first grant payment however all outstanding fees must be cleared by Christmas, Easter and 31st July to enable childcare to continue into the next period. In all other circumstances non-adherence to the payment terms will result in the child’s place being lost and offered to the next person on the waiting list. If leniency is being offered the student will be expected to pay the 15% of the fees which is not covered by the grant, within the normal payment period.

Fees are still payable for absences due to illness or personal holidays but there is no charge for planned nursery closures. In the rare event that the nursery should have to close due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather conditions or power failure, fees will still be payable.

Two months’ notice is required to terminate the contract or to reduce the sessions attended.

Students can make advanced applications for childcare funding via the Student Finance website - see Childcare Grant. The University's Financial Aid Office can also offer advice about available funding.

Information on the government’s Tax-Free Childcare Scheme can be found on the Gov.UK website.

For information about paying any balance through the Brookes’ tax saving scheme please speak to the nursery manager. Staff should be aware that paying fees through a salary sacrifice scheme will impact on their eligibility to claim the childcare element of the Working Families Tax Credits.

This policy was reviewed in November 2021.