Intimate Care and Sleeping Policy

Any intimate care, such as nappy changing and toilet training, will be carried out with respect and regard to the child’s right to dignity and privacy. Wherever possible, their key person or buddy will carry out this care and ensure it is used as a time for positive shared interaction rather than just a hurried routine.

Staff will have regard to strict hygiene procedures by wearing disposable gloves and aprons and appropriately cleaning equipment. Babies should have their bottoms thoroughly cleaned from front to back and any soiled clothes should be changed. Soiled nappies must be placed in a nappy sack before disposing of in the nappy bin. Children should not be allowed to take toys into the bathroom.

Older children will be encouraged to use self-help skills with regard to toileting but their key person should be aware of their abilities in this area and be available to offer help if necessary.

Procedure for putting babies to sleep

Staff will follow the baby’s individual routine with regard to sleep times and routines. Each child will have their own named sheet which is laundered weekly.

The nursery follows the recommendations of the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign and babies under 1 year of age are put down to sleep on their back with their feet to the foot of the cot. Where there are exceptional circumstances, parents who sign consent may request for their child to sleep on their front, as long as they are aware of the recommendations.

When leaving babies to sleep in the sleep room, staff will ensure the monitors are switched on and make a record of the time they fall asleep. The timer will then be set at 15 minute intervals and staff will re-enter the room after each period to check on the baby, recording each check on the sheet. Staff will also record the time that the baby awakes.

Children from the Discoverers’ Room who go to sleep in the bedroom will always be supervised by a member of staff.

This policy was reviewed in November 2021.