Mission and Strategy


Oxford Brookes University Nursery aims to be a high quality, child-centred provision with an excellent reputation for providing the highest level of daycare, enabling all our children to reach their full potential.


We will be sector-leading through our commitment to developing our practice and achieving our aims by adopting new childcare initiatives and training programmes. We will continually re-evaluate and develop our service to ensure the provision of best practice.

By working in partnership with parents, we will ensure that each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and parents feel secure in the knowledge that their child is receiving the best care.

The nursery will be looked upon as a valuable asset to the university by offering a high quality service to support staff and students in their work and studies.

Staff turn-over at the nursery will be low, as staff will feel valued and supported in their continuing professional and personal development. The Brookes Nursery will be a sought-after place to work for childcare professionals.


In the conduct of its work, Oxford Brookes University Nursery will uphold the following values:

  • Excellence – delivering a service of the highest standard and rewarding excellence
  • Innovation – developing and incorporating new ideas and ways of operating
  • Equality – promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity
  • Commitment to working in partnership with parents and valuing them as the child’s first educators

Strategic Goals

The nursery will pursue the university’s four strategic goals:

Student Experience

We will enhance the experience of our student parents by providing them with childcare of the highest standard through a committed and supportive keyperson approach. This will enable them to focus on their studies and feel supported as parents, content in the knowledge that their children are receiving the best care during their time at university.

Research and Knowledge Transfer

We will support the university’s commitment to research by, where possible, enabling Early Years research to be carried out in the nursery by working with students from the psychology and education departments. We will embrace the principles of research in our own practice to ensure we are continually reviewing and adapting our service to meet the needs of the children and their families.

Contribution to Community

The nursery will be dedicated to further developing mutually beneficial partnerships within the community. This will enable the delivery of an integrated service for our families by working with other Early Years professionals and the sharing of best practice with other childcare settings. By opening up our 2-5 year provision to external children we are also extending our service to the wider community.

Infrastructure and Services

The nursery will be characterised by its high quality provision. We will continue to develop efficiency and cost-effectiveness to reduce the level of subsidy and operate within a culture of continuous improvement through evaluation and the development of our service.

This policy was reviewed in November 2021.