Staff Conduct Policy

Working as part of the nursery team

It is the aim of the nursery to provide a friendly and respectful working environment for all staff where they are able to feel valued by their colleagues and be assured that any problems which might arise will be dealt with in an appropriate and professional manner. Staff conduct also has a big impact on the learning environment for the children and staff should be aware of this at all times.

In order for the above to be achieved all staff have a responsibility to conduct themselves in the following professional manner:

  • To respect their colleagues as individuals and be aware of their needs
  • To work as a team and support each other as much as possible
  • To sort out problems promptly so that they are not allowed to fester
  • Never to talk derogatorily about a member of staff to anyone behind that person’s back
  • To keep personal conversations to a minimum and for appropriate times – always putting the needs of the children first
  • To value the views of all staff so that they feel that their contributions will be listened to
  • To offer help if they see other staff members struggling and to ask for help if they need it themselves
  • To work in such a manner which promotes teamwork and support to the whole nursery team and not just the room in which they are working

While the nursery appreciates the fact that staff may at times experience difficulties in their personal lives, it remains imperative that the undertaking of the role of working in a nursery requires a positive attitude and approach at all times. If it becomes apparent that this is not possible, the manager will discuss the situation with the member of staff and seek a way of helping to resolve the matter.

Staff should promote an open culture where small problems can be sorted out between themselves. However, if the situation is not resolved or the concern is of a more serious nature, the matter should be referred to either the senior member of staff or the manager.

Working with parents and carers

The nursery also aims to provide a positive environment for all parents and carers who use the nursery so that they feel respected, valued, supported and listened to. We recognise that the way staff conduct themselves with parents plays a major part in achieving this. Staff therefore have a responsibility to conduct themselves with parents and carers in the following way:

  • To be respectful and supportive of parents at all times
  • To be sensitive to the needs, stresses and concerns of working/studying parents
  • To be respectful and understanding of the differing cultures and beliefs of parents as long as they adhere to nursery policies and procedures and the current law of the land
  • To be respectful of information shared with them in their role as keyperson and understand that more sensitive information will only be shared with the further team on a ‘need to know’ basis in adherence with the confidentiality policy

The nursery believes that if the above points are adhered to the best environment will be created for both staff, children and their families.

This policy was reviewed in November 2021.