Professor Barrie Axford

Emeritus Professor of Politics

School of Law and Social Sciences

Barrie Axford


I am Professor of Politics and a member of the Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society. I serve as a member of the International Editorial Boards of the journals Globalizations, Telematics and Informatics, The International Journal of Electronic Governance and Reinventions. I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Studies Association. Recent books include 'Theories of Globalization' (Polity, 2013) and 'Cultures and / of Gobalization' (CSP, 2011) edited with Richard Huggins; 'Mere Connection: the World-Making Power of New Media' for Routledge (2018), and the 3rd edition of 'Politics: An Introduction' also for Routledge, with Victoria Browne, Richard Huggins and Rico Isaacs (2019). I have recently co-edited a collection of research papers on "Ideology in the Age of Global Discontent" for Routledge (2018).

Currently I am working on a manuscript for Sage, "Postmodern Populism and the New Globalization", to be published in 2020. Collaborative projects on multiple modernities and global theory and globalization theory and populism are being pursued with Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main and a network of scholars across globe. Collaborative research at Oxford Brookes includes a workshop on "Digital Democracy in Britian", scheduled for June 14 2019.

Teaching and supervision


I supervise a number of undergraduate Honours dissertation students and Masters dissertations.


I am currently supervising 2 research students in the Department and am keen to encourage applications from promising and suitably qualified potential students. I would particularly welcome projects on aspects of globalization, and on new media and politics/governance.

Recent successful completions include:

  • Dr Catherine Mudime Akale: Gendered Politics and the Secondary Status of Female Bureaucrats in Cameroonian Governing Institutions.
  • Dr Jane Booth: The Transformation of Professional Practices in Post-Communist Poland: Observing the Dynamics of Globalisation
  • Dr Oli Ahmad, Bir Bikram: Revolution, Military Personnel and the War of Liberation in Bangladesh.
  • Dr John Crabtree: The Peruvian Party System: 1980-2007
  • Dr Duncan Green: Active Citizens and Effective States
  • Vikki Gordon (M.phil): National Security Directives: Unilaterally Shaping U.S. National Security Policy
  • Dr. Alex Finnen: The Role of the International Community in post-conflict reconstruction in the South East Balkans
  • Dr. David Hughes: American exceptionalism
  • Dr. Abilene Pitt: The World Bank and Global Governance

Current students include:

  • Muejgan Oegan: Education and nation-building in Africa
  • Kian Pourkemani: Self Determination and non-consensual secession

Research Students

Name Thesis title Completed
Dr Kian Pourkermani Non-consensual secession and the Law of Nations 2019



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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

Member/sometime member of the Global Studies Association, the Political Studies Association of the UK, the International Political Science Association, the European Consortium for Communications Research, The Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies (Genoa) and the Centre for European research (Brookes). I am also a member of the State and Society research group within GPES at Brookes.


  • Trends in Global Integration: keynote address to the Biennial Conference of the Glsgow Economic Forum; Glasgow March 10-12 2018
  • Multipolarity: a Critique: as aprt of the panel of Distinguihed Critics discussion of the idea of global multipolriaty, World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, JUly 10-17 2018.
  • State Capture: Elites and Legality in the developing world. Conference organised by the Centre for Global Politics Economy and Society, October 7 2015.
  • "Mere Connection?: Digital media and insurrectionary and usual politics' To the Workshop on Bridiging Divides: Rethinking Ideology in the Age of Protests. Oxford Brookes , April 14 2014
  • "What is Global Studies, and why do we need it?" to the Faculty and students of the Department of International Relations, METU, Ankara, April 29, 2014
  • "Questioning the idea of Global Citizenship". to the conference on 3rd Transatlantic Dialogue: , Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, June 5, 2014.
  • On February 18 2014, my book Theories of Globalization (Polity 2013) was the subject of a roundtable meeting sponsored by the Global Studies Association
  • Co-convenor (with Dr John Roberts and Dr Sanjay Sharma , Brunel) of the workshop on "Databases and Surveillance: Are we all Big Brother Now". Oxford Brookes, December 13 2013.
  • Mere connection: the prospects for Digital Global Society, public lecture at the Institute of Humanities, Historical and Social Research, Manchester Metropolitan University, November 18, 2013

Further details

  • 1970-73: Tutor/Lecturer in Political Science Stanford University (CA), Overseas Studies Programme
  • 1973- 5: Lecturer in Politics, Southampton University (UK)
  • 1975- Lecturer, Senior, Lecturer, Professor, Oxford Polytechnic/Brookes University

Other posts:

  • 1992, 1995, 2003- Visiting Professor, DISPOS, University of Genoa
  • 2005  Visiting Fellow at the ESRC Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick
  • 2006  Visiting Professor, University of California Santa Barbara