Dr Flávia Moreira-Leite


Bioimaging Manager / Electron Microscopy Specialist

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Flávia Moreira-Leite


manage the Oxford Brookes Centre for Bioimaging. My main duty is to train and help people to perform electron microscopy, and to make sure all microscopes and equipment are well maintained and running smoothly.

My background is in Cell Biology, and I spent most of my scientific career doing light and electron microscopy, biochemistry, and molecular biology of cancer cells and protozoan parasites (see references). In 1999, I came to the UK to do my PhD at the University of Manchester. After a very successfull PhD, I carried on as a postdoctoral researcher, first in Manchester and then at the University of Oxford. More recently (in 2019), I ‘climbed uphill’ to Oxford Brookes, where I worked as a Module Leader in Cell Biology before becoming the Bioimaging Manager.

I have more than 20 years of experience in electron and light microscopy, and a real passion for looking at very small things down the microscope! I believe in pushing microscopes to their limit, and I love training and helping researchers to make their microscopic dreams come true. The best part of my job is seeing users become independent and confident to generate data that is both meaningful and beautiful.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

  • Module Leader - Context of the Cell module - Oxford Brookes University (2019)
  • Tutor in Molecular Parasitology - University of Oxford (2017-2018)


Centres and institutes


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