James Bannerman

M.A. (Hons)

Senior Lecturer

Oxford Brookes Business School


As a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at Oxford Brookes University I specialise on 'lateral thinking' and the links between innovation, creativity and enterprise

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • The Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial Business Management
  • Creativity for Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Behaviours and Practices

Further 'teaching' includes providing guest lectures on 'creativity' for other modules such as Dr. Grzegorz Kapuscinski's Tourism and Hospitality modules.


My PhD research is on 'Return on Inspiration: A socio-psychological investigation into the impact of lateral thinking upon individual, group and organisational performance.'

Research impact

The ability to think and behave 'creatively' is increasingly regarded as a pivotal skill for business leaders, managers and teams (irrespective of sector). My research on 'lateral thinking' - which has involved both case studies and interviews with key thought leaders in this area from Edward de Bono to Tony Buzan and Professor John Adair - is designed to help creative thinking interventions in companies and organisations become more effective and more impactful. 


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Professional information


In recent years, as a Keynote Speaker on 'Lateral Thinking' and business creativity and innovation, I have spoken at multiple Conferences around the world from the USA to Singapore and Brazil to Italy.


Alongside my Senior Lecturer role at Oxford Brookes I run my own independent business innovation consultancy, and linked to this I have had experience of working with the leaders, managers and teams of many different organisations from Aston Martin to Schroders, Duracell to Disney, and Pfizer to the European Space Agency.

Further details

Prior to working as a Senior Lecturer and 'Creative Change Agent' I was a platinum-selling songwriter (ex-BMG) and freelance cartoonist (eg. Punch).