Professor Joy Hendry

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

School of Social Sciences

Joy Hendry


Joy Hendry graduated with BSc in General Science from Kings College, London, and after living and working abroad for five years, studied for a Diploma, B.Litt and D.Phil Social Anthropology at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, completing her studies in 1979. She taught at Oxford Brookes (and formerly Oxford Poly) from 1980 until 2010, with periods away at Keio University in Japan, Stirling University in Scotland, the CNRS in Paris, the University of Melbourne, McMaster University in Canada, the Institute for Japanese Studies, University of Vienna, and the University of Freiburg. Since becoming professor emerita in 2010, she has been the McGeorge Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and de Carle Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Otago


Japan, society, family, marriage, child-rearing, education, especially mathematics, politeness, cultural display, indigenous museums and culture centres, theme parks, global networks, indigenous knowledge and indigenous science.

Joy has carried out anthropological fieldwork several times in Japan, but more recently has also been working in a context that requires travel to different countries (see Research section below). She was the founder of the Erasmus programme in the Anthropology Department, Brookes Japan Interest Group and the Europe Japan Research Centre, and she also arranged for the building of the Japanese room in the Gibbs Building (see for details)

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