Dr Michela Balestri


Associate Lecturer

School of Law and Social Sciences

Michela Balestri


I did my BSc and MSc in "Conservation Biology and evolution" in Italy at the University of Pisa. I gained my PhD in 2018 in "Primate Conservation" at "Oxford Brookes University" (OBU).

After my PhD, in 2019,  I worked as field station coordinator for the NGO "Little Fireface Project" led by Prof Anna Nekaris, where I developed a conservation education project on the importance of the presence of wildlife in coffee plantations.

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Conservation Education
  • Primate Conservation
  • Methods and Analysis in Biological Anthropology


My main research area has been in the ecology and behaviour of a nocturnal lemur species (Avahi meridionalis) in South-Eastern Madagascar and in conservation education, both in South-Eastern Madagascar and West-Java, Indonesia.



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