Dr Wes Fraser

PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons), BSc, PCTHE

Reader in Physical Geography

School of Law and Social Sciences

Wes Fraser

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • GEOG4002: Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEOG4006: Investigating Geography
  • GEOG4007: Introduction to Geographical Skills and Techniques
  • GEOG5002: Global Change
  • GEOG5003: Advanced Research Skills*
  • GEOG5006: Earth Systems
  • GEOG6002: Climate Change*
  • GEOG6013: Oceans and the Marine Environment*
  • GEOG6015: Sustainable Futures
  • GEOG6012: Geography Dissertation

Key focus on delivering teaching in field and laboratory settings, as well as computer-based practical work.


My primary interest is in Plant-Environment chemical interactions. Specifically the way in which plants alter their chemistry in relation to changes in environmental factors, eg changes in ultraviolet (UV) radiation as part of the spectrum of incoming solar radiation. I developed novel biogeochemical proxy for determining past levels of UV based on changes in chemistry locked in pollen and spores released from plants as part of their natural reproductive cycle. This proxy has been applied to variety of situations and timeframes, ranging from deep geological time to the present-day, and across different spatial scales. I am also interested in the way plants have played a part in shaping the world over geological time, including influencing rates of global chemical weathering at the time of plants invading the terrestrial realm approximately 470 million years ago.




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Further details

Organic geochemist specialising in the reconstruction of past ultraviolet (UV) radiation regimes using chemical signatures locked within the walls of spores and pollen. Additional interests include greenhouse gas emissions from vegetation, the variation of UV within the environment and the micrometeorology of wall faces.