Dr Xu Huang


Principal Lecturer and Programme Lead in Business Analytics

Oxford Brookes Business School

Xu Huang


Dr Xu Huang is Principal Lecturer in Business Analytics and Programme Lead of the Analytics, Information System & Operations Subject Group at Oxford Brookes Business School.

Teaching and supervision



She welcome applications for PhD study on topics related to general data science, analytics, forecasting, causality detection and their applications and interactions with various sectors. 


As a believer of data-driven decision-making, making a positive impact with the power of data holds tremendous importance of her research. Her research is about promoting data science advancements, exploring their interactions with various sectors and implementations, and promoting data-driven decision-making in the modern business world. Her research interests include general data science advancements, AI, causal decision making, forecasting, multivariate analysis, FinTech, advanced technologies, etc. 

Research impact

Since 2017, she has published 1 book and over 30 journal articles, which have achieved good record of reads, accesses, google scholar index and citations. These outputs include many AJG-ranked outputs, most of which are Q1 journals in multiple subject categories. 1 book was published in 2019 with over 8000 accesses to date according to the publisher record. Various papers of the past few years have made the top 10 lists of the most cited, viewed and downloaded articles of Q1 journals. Dr Xu Huang has years of experience as PI or Co-I for a number of internal and external funding, and as data science expert or consultant for knowledge transfer/exchange projects. 


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