Duygu Yardımcı

Thesis title: Cooperation Between Public Authorities and Civil Society: Forms, Drivers, Principles, Policies, Means and Tools

Start year: 2019

Contact: 19043198@brookes.ac.uk

Supervisor(s): Professor Peter Edge, Professor Sonia Morano-Foadi

Research topic

Full thesis title: Cooperation Between Public Authorities and Civil Society: Forms, Drivers, Principles, Policies, Means and Tools, A Pilot Study in the UK at Local Level: Cooperation Between Public Authorities and Civil Society for the Integration of Refugees

In the last few decades, cooperation with civil society has been receiving increasing attention from governments at all levels, from national to regional to local, as well as from international organizations due to various drivers. These drivers have led to a more cooperative approach in almost all policy fields. Even though cooperation has been receiving increasing attention, experience informs that it is not an easy task to put it into practice. Nevertheless, the literature mostly concentrated on the “Why” question and sought to answer the question: “Why do public authorities and civil society cooperate?” Relatively little attention has been given to the practical aspects of cooperation that answer the “How” question: “How can effective cooperation between public authorities and civil society organisations be established?” In other words, the practical aspects of cooperation are far less well explored. Drawing on desk research, documentary evidence and qualitative research, this study addresses the relatively neglected side of public-civil society cooperation.

This study moves from theory to practice -from “why it is” to “how to do it”. The key policy field of focus for research is identified as the integration of refugees for two reasons: first, the global refugee crisis establishes the integration of refugees as one of the most urgent issues in the agenda of public authorities; and secondly, this is one of the areas where public-civil society cooperation has the potential to make a real difference; however research in this field is far less well explored.  The geographical focus of the research is the local level because local authorities are not only at the front line of receiving refugees but also their integration into society, as it is primarily in the cities where refugees seek their basic needs.


Civil society, public-civil society cooperation, partnership, collaboration, NGOs, CSOs, integration, refugees, local authority, the UK, government-CSO relations

General research interests

Public administration, public policies, integration policies, civil society, voluntarism, public-civil society cooperation, EU financial assistance, EU grants, EU funded project, project management

Academic school / department

School of Law and Social Sciences

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Academic and professional training

  • Middle East Technical University (2021-ongoing) Phd (Political Science and Public Adm)
  • Oxford Brookes University (2019-2021) LLM (Masters in Law)
  • Middle East Technical University (2004-2008) MSc. (European Studies)
  • Oxford University (2006) Academic Visitor (CSLS)
  • Middle East Technical University (2002-2004) Minor (Philosophy)
  • Middle East Technical University (1999-2004) BSc (Political Science and Public Adm)

Scholarship and prizes

  • Jean Monnet Scholarships (funded by the European Union, 2019-2020 academic year)
  • Chevening Scholarship (funded by the FCO, 2006)

Other experience and professional activities

The projects that Mrs Yardımcı have involved in programming, and/or technical documents preparation process and/or implementation process, and/or monitoring under the EU Instrument for Pre Accession Assistance are:

  • Technical Assistance to Strengthening the Public Sector for Cooperation with CSOs  (DOGER/CCSOS/TR2013/0740.10)
  • Technical Assistance to Implementation of Civil Society Support Programme  (TR2014/DG/04/A1-01)
  • Grant Scheme for CSO Partnerships and Networks on Strengthening Cooperation Between Public Sector and CSOs (CSPN) (TR2014/DG/04/A1-03)
  • Grant Scheme for Grassroots CSOs (TR2014/DG/04/A1-04)
  • Direct Grant Scheme for Civil Society Support Programme
  • Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for Public-CSO Cooperation (TR2014/DG/04/A2-01)
  • Technical Assistance for EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue (TR2014/DG/04/A3-01)
  • Grant Scheme for EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue ( TR2014/DG/04/A3-02)
  • Technical Assistance for EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute ( TR2014/DG/04/A4-01)
  • Grant Scheme for Civil Society Support Programme -II  (TR2015/DG/01/A3-01)
  • Grant Scheme for Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey (CSD V) (TR2015/DG/01/A5-02)
  • Grant Scheme for Turkey - EU Business Dialogue ( TR2015/DG/01/A6-02)
  • Technical Assistance for Support to the Preparation and Implementation of the Turkey Civil Society Sub-Sector Programming 2016-17  (DOGER/CSSP/TR2013/0740.10-1/FWC/017)
  • Technical Assistance to Yunus Emre Institute for the IPA Project of EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue
  • Technical Assistance to the Ministry for EU Affairs for Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey-V
  • Civil Society Dialogue-II: Micro Grant Scheme (CFCU/TR0703.01-03/MGS)

Other projects implemented by national funds

  • Provinces Preparing for the EU Project