Lian Lee

Thesis title: Registered nurses' communication experiences in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Start year: 2019


Supervisor(s): Dr Kathleen Greenway, Dr Sue Schutz

Lian Lee

Research topic

The focus on intraoperative communication and interaction has been a critical subject in healthcare practice since the introduction of Robotics-assisted surgery (RAS), including technical and non-technical skills crucial to surgical safety. Although RAS provides precision and autonomous intervention, especially in treating cancer and complex conditions, these advances come with challenges to the users, including nurses who have a crucial role with shared responsibilities encompassing wider surgical and anesthetic teams during RAS. There had been empirical research in surgical robotics team training and other associated topics. Still, the lack of focus on exploring the communication practices of nurses during RAS has motivated this research study. Nurses come with diverse knowledge and skills, especially in managing the complex coordination and efficiency of patient care delivery in RAS. Therefore, this study aims to explore further to incorporate the rich meanings of their communication experiences in RAS to provide a better understanding of this phenomenon that may contribute to future practice and education recommendations and influence health policy in the introduction of healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This study may place the contribution of nursing in the future development of advanced robotics simulation training at the multidisciplinary level and raises nurses’ voice in the application of surgical robotics in care delivery.