Migle Didzgalvyte

Lithuania, BSc (Hons) Psychology. Completed one Exchange semester at High Point University, North Carolina, USA

“There’s always different things happening and new people to meet. There’s always something to do that matches you personally”

Why did you decide to study in the UK, and why did you choose Oxford Brookes?

I lived in England for a very long time, my whole family lives in England. I chose Oxford Brookes because I used to go to Cambridge sixth form and then I wanted to go to a city that was similar to Cambridge. I looked into the universities and Oxford Brookes, I thought it sounds fun, and I knew a lot of people that were going [to Brookes], and I wanted to move away to have my own life and experience that across England.

What stood out to you when you were considering Oxford Brookes?

There seemed to be good expectations and opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I really enjoy the optional modules because they are interesting and you can talk so much about it from your own individual perspective. For example, they give you 2000 words to talk about a topic and there’s 6-10 different aspects to talk about and you narrow down what you prefer more, so it means all of our essays are quite individual and I enjoy those kinds of things.

How did you find making friends at university when you first joined?

I joined in 2020 when Covid happened, so it was quite difficult but because I was in Crescent Hall, everyone had to bond straight away and we had to stick together so it was really easy. I ended up going to every single flat and meeting all types of different people in the hall to bond and make friends.

What do you like most about living in Oxford?

The different types of activities in the different areas of Oxford. There’s always different things happening and new people to meet. There’s always something to do that matches you personally.

For your Exchange, where did you go and how long for?

I went to a university in North Carolina, America for one semester.

What are your memories and highlights from the experience in America?

Sitting by the swimming pool and playing Uno, then going to my accommodation and seeing my friends, getting picked up to go to the playroom to play games together. There was so much going on every single day and every day there was something new.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for students who may be considering an exchange?

Honestly, just go for it! Because you’ll definitely make friends. You’ll meet people who are already studying there or the people that came with you to the university from other exchange places or from the same university and you’ll be friends for life. The people I met at the university, we’ve decided to travel in summer, so even though we’re all over England, Scotland or Spain we’re all going to meet in one place and travel for a month or so.