Understanding human behaviour gives you the potential to change lives. You could improve health, advance education, or evaluate working conditions. Study Psychology at Oxford Brookes and we’ll help you discover the wide range of applications of Psychology and how you can find a rewarding career using your new skills. We’ve recently redesigned the courses to reflect the latest developments in psychology and to ensure that you benefit from our expertise in those areas. We’ve included new ways to help you develop employability skills and to see how to apply what you learn to the world of work.


Our undergraduate and postgraduate conversion degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). You’ll study the complex and diverse issues that modern psychology tackles. Modules like Clinical Neuropsychology and Applying Social Psychology to Global Challenges in our Undergraduate course or Psychological Health and Disorders in our Conversion Course Masters will help you understand some of the ways you can make a difference as a psychologist.

For your undergraduate degree you can choose to take an optional work experience year. You’ll be able to see how psychology can be used in a real setting while gaining experience for your CV. We also have great links for all our students with employers in the region, like hospitals, NGOs, science parks, and businesses for work experience or voluntary positions.

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