Samira Issa

Thesis title: Stakeholder Engagement and the UK Corporate Governance Code

Supervisor(s): Dr Sandra Einig, Dr Samantha Miles

Research topic

The role of corporate governance and stakeholder engagement is essential to the long-term success of companies. The aim of the research is to examine whether the stakeholder engagement provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code are effective through an investigation of the extent to which premium listed companies on the London Stock Exchange adhere to stakeholder engagement provisions and provide disclosure.

The study uses mixed methods and consists of three stages:

  • The first stage involves content analysis of company reports, including companies from FTSE 100, FTSE250 and FTSE SmallCap.
  • The second stage involves self-completion questionnaires.
  • The third stage involves follow-up interviews of corporate governance officials.

It is essential to examine the challenges that corporate governance officials face because corporate governance scandals can lead to far-reaching consequences for society, including corporate insolvency, loss of employment, loss of pension fund returns and financial loss for investors.

Academic school / department

Oxford Brookes Business School