Shireen Kudukkil Manchingal

Thesis title: Epistemic Artificial Intelligence

Start year: 2021


Supervisor(s): Dr Andrew Bradley, Professor Fabio Cuzzolin

Shireen Kudukkil Manchingal

Research topic

Shireen is currently pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence through the H2020 FET project 'Epistemic Artificial Intelligence' at Oxford Brookes University under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Cuzzolin.

Shireen has previously worked as a Research Scientist in AI and Deep Learning at multiple R&D institutions in Spain. The focus of her research is on improving AI models used for scene and environment detection in autonomous vehicles, and formulating deep learning models that can account for real-world uncertainties in an autonomous driving scenario. 

She graduated with a Master of Engineering(Hons) in Information and Network Security from the University of Limerick, Ireland in 2017 with First Class Honors.