By Andrew Small

Download is a 9m long and 1.3m high glass wall located on the Piazza close to the Headington Road. The bold barcode like graphics are designed to create a moiré effect – a sense of movement similar to a slow strobing as people move by.

The aim of artist Andrew Small was to animate the Piazza with flow of people entering and exiting the campus. The work reflects the bustling ever changing vistas and viewpoints people have whilst they flow the space.

The work also drew inspiration from the University’s technological history and aimed to reflect both analogue and digital technologies in a clean, robust and contemporary manner.

About the artist

Andrew Small has over fifteen years’experience working as an artist and sculptor, with commissions ranging from large-scale public realm works to furniture and film. Trained in both fine art and design, he is particularly interested in the wider roles art and design play in our everyday life and in exploring the boundaries between art and design. Andrew has recently been working with two new schools as lead artist integrating art and design into Chilton Secondary School, and working for the new Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA) with BDP Architects.

Recent sculptural commissions include the Workers’ Memorial Day Commission at the Health and Safety Executive headquarters and an iconic interactive artwork for the new Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Andrew has an MA in Sculpture and is based in Liverpool.