7.2 Grade Point Average

The Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation applies to full-time or part-time students on undergraduate programmes leading to awards at level 7 and below (i.e. up to and including integrated Master's degrees as described in section 2.1.4), but not currently to Foundation degrees or other programmes of study delivered by partner organisations. The GPA is independent of the calculation of the degree classification described in 6.1 above; and refers to the average of a student’s performance over a specified group of modules, usually all the modules taken as part of their approved programme of study.

All module grades have a Grade Point associated with them (see section 6.7), and the GPA is the overall average of all Grade Points awarded, with each module counting equally according to its credit value, irrespective of level, subject, when taken, etc. Unless specifically exempted, all attempts at a module count in the calculation of the GPA, including failures and repeated attempts.

The GPA is calculated to two decimal places and, although it is calculated as a simple average, the maximum GPA is capped at 4.00. Eligibility to receive an award is not dependent in any way upon a student's GPA.