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Making a difference around the world

Research impact is defined as a change, effect or benefit that a specific research output has on the economy, society, communities, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond its academic merits. In practice, this means that the research conducted at Oxford Brookes University makes a real world difference for the benefit of our communities, whether local, regional or global, including our staff and students.

As a university with a commitment to knowledge exchange and impact excellence, we wish to recognise and celebrate the contribution made by our researchers who are motivated by the desire that their research will make a real difference beyond the University. Throughout the year and a series of events curated through this website, our showcase of research impact will highlight in myriad ways, where and how our research has made a difference and importantly, changed lives. 

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Remembering, writing, commemorating


Kabul, Afghanistan

'You do not belong here': the challenges for military veteran writers in commemorating Afghanistan

Friday 19 November 2021, 6.30 - 7.30pm

This panel discussion extends and develops research by Dr Jane Potter and Dr Niall Munro about war writing and the commemoration and memory of war. Building on a recent case study that considered how nostalgia can affect the way we think and write about war, this event brings Jane and Niall together with two veterans of Afghanistan: Tom Laaser and Jo Young. Both Tom and Jo took part in the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre's Veterans' Poetry Workshops in 2019 and have written powerfully about their experiences in military settings - writing that they will share as part of the event.


Afghanistan humvee deployment

Transforming the ways we commemorate war

Dr Niall Munro and Dr Jane Potter are united in a common aim: to change perceptions of war poetry and how we commemorate war. Their work at the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre harnesses new research and positive action to:

  • take a fresh look at writings about war
  • bring people together to discuss commemoration
  • work creatively with military veterans.

What IS the Power of Research?

In October, we showcased research from across five different areas – biomedicine, business studies, history, sociology and sound art – showing the different ways in which research conducted at Oxford Brookes University has made a difference to individuals and society. Each of these stories are underpinned by outstanding academic research and across the examples change, in relation to policies, law, medical practice, quality of life measures and public understanding, can be demonstrated. These changes have occurred at local, national and global levels. 

Find out more about the power of Oxford Brookes research impact by following each story featured and look out for the upcoming research stories being showcased each month throughout this year!  


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