Centre for Functional Genomics (CfG)

Director: Dr Casper Breuker

Contact: cfg@brookes.ac.uk +44 (0)1865 483437

About us

Just like the genome is in the centre of a cell, genomic research is at the core of biological sciences.

The genome determines how species adapt to new habitats, how organisms react to internal and environmental pressures, or how cells change their morphology and behaviour during development and disease. Therefore, researchers of all disciplines in the life sciences are trying to understand the details of how the genome works.

The Centre for Functional Genomics at Oxford Brookes University aims to support scientists from evolutionary biology to biomedicine in their genomic research.

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Dr Saad Arif teaching

The Centre for Functional Genomics uses state-of-the-art methods to decipher how genes control life and how genetic changes cause differences between organisms. Recent years have brought great progress in sequencing techniques and research methods in the area of genomics. Hence, the 3 research groups associated with the Centre explore different next generation sequencing approaches to understand the genomic and genetic principles that govern biological form and function.

In addition to the focus on their own research themes, members of the Centre also provide services in the areas of sequencing data analysis and project design for external and internal collaborators. They are also involved in student teaching and offer short courses and training opportunities in cutting-edge methods for sequencing data analysis.


Saad Arif

Dr Saad Arif

Senior Lecturer

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Casper Breuker

Dr Casper Breuker

Subject Coordinator for Biology and MBiol Biology

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Dianne Newbury

Dr Dianne Newbury

Senior Lecturer

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Professor Vincent Nijman

Professor in Anthropology

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Jordi Solana

Dr Jordi Solana

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

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Name Role Email
Dr Korneel Hens Senior Research Fellow khens@brookes.ac.uk
Dr Sebastian Kittelmann Research Fellow skittelmann@brookes.ac.uk