The Centre for Healthcare Research is one of three OxInAHR Research Centres. The Centre hosts seminars with speakers presenting on a range of topics related to research in nursing, midwifery, health and social care. Speakers include a mix of external and internal speakers as well as PhD students, early career and senior researchers. This provides a great opportunity for research students to practice their presentation skills, receive feedback on their work and learn from others. Come with an open mind and enjoy a variety of topics and methodological approaches. 

2023-24 seminars

1 September 2023, 10.30am 

Prof. Catherine Stoddart, Chief Executive Officer of Brightwater Care Group, Perth, Australia

Creating clinical partnerships in Social Care across the pond

7 September 2023, 12pm 

Pre-viva talk: Lucy Speakman 

Bearing witness to distress as breathlessness: a hermeneutic phenomenology study

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20 September 2023, 12pm (in person)

Prof. Annie Topping, Professor of Nursing, University of Birmingham 

Creating a national Clinical Nurse Specialist Pancreatic Cancer Research Network to standardise and improve care: The COALESCE Project

27 September 2023, 11am (in person) 

Dr Rola Moghabghab, Independent Scientist and Director, Interprofessional Practice, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada

Developing research collaboration: Oxford (OSNM/OH NHS FT) - Toronto (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) 

5 October 2023, 12pm

Pre-viva talk: Sam Donohue 

Exploring nurses' experience of professional enjoyment of nursing: a qualitative descriptive study

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18 October 2023, 12pm 

Dr Ginny Mounce, Senior Lecturer, Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery, Oxford Brookes University and Clinical Research Manager, the Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health, University of Oxford 

Just have some IVF!’ - researching experiences of the infertility journey and transition to parenthood

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2 November 2023, 12pm 

Pre-viva talk: Maxine Buyanga 

How do organisational and social contexts influence mealtimes on wards caring for the older person aged 65 years and above?

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15 November 2023, 12pm (hybrid) 

Dr Laura Strumidlo, Deputy Director / Head of Department Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery (OSNM), Oxford Brookes University 

Creating resilient practitioners for the future workforce

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30 November 2023, 12pm 

Pre-viva talk: Sally Bassett 

The real world of executive nurse directors on NHS Trust Boards in England: A critical realist study of the leadership experience of chief nurses and why it is experienced that way

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11 January 2024, 12pm 

Britta Klinck, Deputy Chief Nurse, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust  

Patient safety incident response framework (PSIRF) - creating a patient safety culture

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