Cardiorespiratory Research

Group Leader(s): Dr Shakeeb Moosavi

Contact: +44 (0)1865 483257

About us

Our work explores functional interactions between the brain, lungs and the heart with particular focus on neurophysiological mechanisms underpinning the perception of breathlessness (dyspnoea). We study healthy individuals in whom we can experimentally induce various forms of breathlessness, and clinical populations in collaboration with Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience at Oxford University Hospitals.

Dr Moosavi with a study participant

Research impact

Dyspnea 2022 Conference Logo showing the Headington Shark Sculpture

Improving our understanding of the breathlessness neural network in the brain will lead to better management of intractable breathlessness in patients with chronic conditions. This work resonates with Covid-19 and long Covid research priorities.

We will co-host the 6th international Dyspnea Conference in July 2022 (postponed from 2020) with colleagues from Oxford and Cambridge.

We have also been invited by Frontiers in Neuroscience to guest-edit a special collection of articles on Respiratory control and dysfunction in neurological patients.


Shakeeb Moosavi

Dr Shakeeb Moosavi

Reader in Clinical Physiology

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