Endomembrane Structure and Function

About us

Our group is interested in linking structure and function of the endoplasmic reticulum. Using high-resolution live cell confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, together with advanced image analysis and protein biochemistry, we are investigating ER-shaping proteins, membrane proteins, protein complexes as well as hormone biosynthesis linked to the secretory pathway.

We are also interested in interdisciplinary, translational research and collaboration with industry. Here we are aiming to produce plants capable of detoxifying methane as well as high-value product synthesis in Chlorella microalgae.

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Research impact

Microscopy data produced in the group

Training and capacity building creates impact from highly skilled researchers at various career levels. We are therefore regularly hosting school students as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students in our lab to provide them with lab experience and hands-on training.

The group is demonstrating at the Gatsby Plant Summer School and Verena Kriechbaumer is the Gatsby Plant Science Network mentor for Oxford Brookes University.

The lab is also presenting microscopy work at outreach events such as the Oxford Brookes University Science Bazaar.


Verena Kriechbaumer

Dr Verena Kriechbaumer

Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology and Plant Sciences

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