Insect Virus Research Group (IVRG)

About us

The Insect Virus Research Group (IVRG) undertakes both basic and applied research in the field of insect virology. Our interests include fundamental studies on the replication and pathogenesis of insect baculoviruses in cell culture and in the natural caterpillar hosts.

We are also keen to ensure that enhanced understanding of the biology of baculoviruses leads to improvements in the baculovirus expression system for the production of a wide variety of proteins in both insect and mammalian cells.

3D serial block face scanning electron microscopy image of an insect cell 72 hours after infection with a baculovirus

Research impact

3D serial block face scanning electron microscopy image of a baculovirus-infected insect cells

Our main route to research impact is through the group’s spin out company Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd. OET Ltd was co-founded by Professor Linda King and Professor Robert Possee, from the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, in 2007. 

OET is now recognised globally for its expertise and ongoing innovation in developing the baculovirus expression system. OET works with clients worldwide to produce proteins and VLPs (virus-like particles) for use in medicine, biotechnology and discovery science including vaccines and biotherapeutics.


Linda King

Professor Linda King

Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research and Global Partnerships

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