Neurobiology and Synaptic Function

About us

We are interested in the connection between ultrastructure and function at different levels of the nervous system:

  1. Nervous system: What did the earliest neurons in animals look like and how did they function (in collaboration with Dr. Pawel Burkhardt, Sars, University of Bergen)?
  2. Sensory organs: How is ommatidia size regulated in flies and what are the functional consequences in signal detection and processing?
  3. Synapses: How does presynaptic ultrastructure affect synaptic signalling in C. elegans?

Drosophila Eyes

Research impact

C. elegans synapse

We use a large variety of imaging techniques including Confocal microscopy, Electron microscopy and synchrotron radiation microtomography. Undergraduate and postgraduate students receive hands-on training and experience in microscopy and image processing through their projects and therefore valuable skill sets for academia as well as industry.