Peterborough Central Library – Vivacity

Poet John Gallas ran a series of John Clare workshops in June and July 2019, which were hosted by Peterborough Central Library (Vivacity), administered by Elaine Wilkinson and Stacey Kennedy, with generous support in the shape of a loan of inspiring smock, pitchfork and yoke all organised by Glenys Wass of Peterborough Museum.

John Gallas is a New Zealand poet of 18 books (mostly published by Carcanet; also Five Leaves, Indigo Dreams, Agraphia, Cold Hub (NZ) etc.). He is a Fellow of the English Association, a St Magnus Festival Orkney Poet, a librettist and a translator (see The Song Atlas and 52 Euros, both from Carcanet). He completed John Clare’s walk from Epping Forest to Northborough (published as Mad John’s Walk, by Five Leaves). He waves to John Clare twice a week passing to and from a caravan in Lincolnshire, sometimes stopping to update him on this Project: spreading the Words, inspiring our own writing, growing awareness of John Clare’s special way, and the weather.

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John Gallas