UK-Brazil Gender Equality Partnerships

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Cal Horton


Project start: October 2021

Project finish: October 2022

Funded by: British Council

About us

This project enables Oxford Brookes University to work in partnership with Brazilian universities to mentor them in advancing gender equality for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Through this partnership, Oxford Brookes University will tap into a long-standing experience and expertise in advancing gender equality through involvement in Athena Swan and many national and European funded projects on gender equality in research and higher education to develop capacity building material and activities for our committed Brazilian partners in Fluminense Federal University and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul but also the wider Brazilian community.

The project team has been brought together through the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Research, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Network. It aims to tap into a wealth of expertise and experience on gender equality efforts in higher education from a cross-faculty team within Oxford Brookes University comprised of Astrid Schloerscheidt, Gordana Collier, Anne Laure Humbert, Susan Brookes, Sue Brownill, Jill Childs and Obrey Alexis. 

Female scientist in a lab

Research impact

female scientist working in a lab

This project envisages not only to provide capacity building resources for the wider Brazilian Higher Education community on gender equality but would be a first step for further collaboration with Brazilian colleagues.