Envisioning BasES (Buildings-as-Energy-Service)

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Esra Kurul

Contact: msibilla@brookes.ac.uk

Project start: February 2020

Project finish: July 2020

Funded by: N+

About us

The main aim of this project is to develop a toolkit for knowledge integration. The toolkit will envisage buildings as components of future Distributed Renewable and Interactive Energy Systems (DRIs).

This ambitious proposal involves:

  • exploring and analysing the emergent properties of DRI at local level
  • developing, testing and implementing the toolkit.

The specific objective concerns the use of the toolkit in the organisation of a Technology Support Net (TSN) for Buildings-as-a-Service. TSN includes a multitude of actors who often have different perspectives and scopes. They all work collaboratively in order to establish:

  • work rules
  • requisite skills
  • work contents
  • standards and measures
  • and culture and organisational patterns with regard to the emergent systems.

Buildings-as-Energy-Service is a completely new topic so an appropriate TSN is needed urgently.


Aerial map of buildings

Research impact

Case studies and lines of research graph

We created a conceptual framework to envision buildings as energy services which:

  • consists of 5 main categories and 15 lines of research
  • enhances and integrates the socio-technical complexity around buildings as energy services.

The framework promotes a better understanding of socio-technical implications in adopting the DRIs vision. So by exploring these factors, we formed the basis on which to organise a dedicated Technology Support Net (TSN) for DRIs.  

The scope of this conceptual framework is not to include all the information on the socio-technical energy transition. Instead it identifies some of the key areas where an inter and trans-disciplinary approach could be developed. 

We transferred the conceptual framework into a cognitive tool. This was tested, implemented and disseminated with a survey and online focus groups. Gathering opinions from academic and non-academic stakeholders on both the content and function of the toolkit allowed us to improve the quality of it.


Esra Kurul

Dr Esra Kurul

Reader in Organisational Studies in the Built Environment

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Name Role Email
Dr George Blumberg Senior Lecturer in Built Environment gblumberg@brookes.ac.uk


Name Role Organisation
Mr Charles Bradshaw-Smith CEO SmartKlub
Mr Tom Elliott Business Modelling Consultant Energy Systems Catapult
Professor Ahsan Khan Director of Research and Innovation Active Building Centre
Dr Massimiliano Manfren Lecturer in Energy in the Built Environment Southampton University