School of Education

About the School

In a city steeped in learning, we use the latest innovative research to equip our students with a deep knowledge of teaching and learning. 

We offer support to our students throughout their studies, to develop the skills to work with children and adults in the education sector. Our core belief is that education has the power to change lives.


The School of Education is home to a vibrant, inclusive, interdisciplinary research community. Our 4 research groups span diverse fields of learning and development across the life course, from the early years to higher education, to professional and lifelong learning.

Internationally-recognised senior researchers and researcher-practitioners work alongside early career researchers and doctoral students in an environment that encourages inclusivity, collaboration and critical dialogue.

Two children with colanders on their heads


Pursue a career in diverse fields, including education as an early years professional, primary school teacher, policy-maker or a leader of special education, disabilities and inclusion, or in fields such as health, psychology, and public services. 


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