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12 October 2023

Ghosts and the supernatural: three Oxford Brookes University experts discuss their research

Why are we fascinated by the supernatural? Three Oxford Brookes University academics discuss what the concept of ghosts - real or a figment of our imaginations - tells us about history, psychology and our own relationship with grief, loss and mortality.

Professor Johannes Dillinger

11 October 2023

Course launched in partnership with Oxford Brookes to help girls tackle sexism

Oxford Brookes University academics have joined forces with award-winning social enterprise Sex Ed Matters, to create a free course designed to equip girls with the skills to tackle gender stereotypes.

Hannah Yelin and Michele Paule

22 March 2023

Oxford Brookes University ranked as world leading institution in 19 subjects

Oxford Brookes University is world leading in 19 subjects, according to the latest global rankings published today.

World Leading in 19 subjects

02 March 2023

Sixth-formers learn about literature with Books@Brookes initiative

Teenagers attending secondary schools in Oxfordshire are becoming passionate about English literature thanks to a new scheme run by Oxford Brookes University.

Library books at Oxford Brookes University

10 February 2023

Oxford Brookes historian to appear on Valentine’s Day themed podcasts

An Oxford Brookes University academic with expertise in the history of romantic relationships will appear in two hit podcasts this Valentine’s Day.

Dr Sally Holloway and Jonathan Van Ness

15 December 2022

"Rising star" of British poetry and Oxford Brookes University lecturer to judge Booker Prize in 2023

A poet and senior lecturer in creative writing at Oxford Brookes University has been recently announced as a judge for the Booker Prize 2023.

Photo of Dr Mary Jean Chan

28 July 2022

Five dating tips from the Georgian era

If there was one thing the Georgians loved, it was the idea of love itself.

Five dating tips from the Georgian era

10 December 2021

Poetry Centre wins nationally recognised award for publishing

Oxford Brookes University has won a nationally recognised award for its excellence in giving emerging poets the chance to showcase their work through published pamphlets.

Poetry Centre wins nationally recognised award for publishing

20 September 2021

‘Legacies of Eugenics’ explored in new exhibition and website

Marking a century since the influential Second International Eugenics Congress was organised at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Professor Marius Turda has curated a new exhibition exploring the history and legacies of eugenics.

‘Legacies of Eugenics’ explored in new exhibition and website