About our research

Education, Humanities and Languages (EHL) is a thriving hub for new ways of seeing and knowing the world. Working within the framework of a successful and ambitious modern university, our researchers combine traditional academic excellence with innovative practice-based scholarship. By bringing together our related disciplines, our shared goal is to explore:

  • how complex thought is expressed
  • how people communicate and have communicated through time
  • how theoretical and practical questions can be addressed through attentiveness to others. 

Our approaches are as diverse as our specialisms, but we share a conviction that the humanities are for everyone, regardless of their background, and that the best way of understanding the present is to be mindfully alert to the past.

Guiding principles

EHL’s guiding principles are curiosity and openness to others. Our staff are writers and thinkers at the cutting-edge of disciplinary developments whose fresh approach to scholarship is in keeping with Oxford Brookes University's real-world priorities. We are leading the way in literary, historical, archival and theoretical approaches. We also have internationally recognised expertise in practice-based disciplines, including education and theatre studies, where our academic research gains immediate traction in the world.

Group of researchers
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City in Japan

Research impact

Impact is a core part of our mission. Our work prioritises hard-to-reach local communities, bringing the benefits of our research to Oxfordshire – including many constituencies who would not otherwise have access to these advantages – and then scaling up our activities in national and international contexts.