Doctoral Training Programme (DTP)

Doing a Research Degree is both exciting and exacting. It is an undertaking full of promise and opportunity, but also challenges and obstacles. 

About the DTP

The Faculty has developed its Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) to support you through the process and to equip you with the necessary skills both to complete your research degree and to gain the skills essential in the wider world – whether in Higher Education itself, or in the workplace beyond academia. This brings together both research and training from across the Faculty, to provide a general introduction to research that also facilitates more focused work.


The main aims of the DTP are:

  • to enable all research students in the Faculty to be supported as part of that Faculty as a whole,
  • to provide properly structured training provision in line with guidance from the UK Research Councils to support the development of academic, transferable and employability skills,
  • to build on the combined teaching and research strengths in the Faculty to provide high quality research training grounded in theoretical thinking and practical approaches,
  • to provide research methods training at 3 levels - core, strand and tailored - to reflect the diversity within the Faculty and to meet students’ individual needs,
  • to deliver an improved research environment that better supports peer learning, interaction amongst students and supervising staff, and high-quality student experience which can impact positively on retention,
  • to reflect and build on the importance of research students to the Faculty’s research environment and standing,
  • to encourage interaction, communication and joint learning across the Faculty.