Science Bazaar


Hybrid event, Saturday 29 October 2022 10:30am - 4pm

Science Bazaar Beyond 2022

The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar Beyond 2022 is approaching! The Bazaar will be held at our Headington campus on Saturday 29 October, 10:30am - 4pm! Meet our staff and students and learn exciting new things! This FREE event is open to all. Fun for all the family and most suitable for 5-12 years. Halloween costumes are encouraged!

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Expect to explore, listen, watch, build and experiment! See below for a taster of the activities and events, which will be at the Bazaar:

Science Bazaar Beyond

Happy and Healthy

  • The big T - Using technology to help children with cancer feel better. Join Brookes researchers to try out a brand new augmented reality smartphone app which has been designed to help patients be more active at home, as well as a 'magic mirror' used to help people exercise during hospital treatment.
  • Pandemic Board Games - The new Pandemic Sciences Institute at the University of Oxford has brought together a wide range of expert researchers to help identify and counter future pandemic threats. Join our team and have a go at saving the world yourself with our collection of Pandemic themed Board Games.

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Mind Your Brain

  • How the brain works - Find out if you are biased towards yourself or someone else and see what happens when we stimulate a part of our brain.
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Tech Zone

  • Holographics AIs - Interact with Holographic Artificial Intelligence: Try out Smart Glasses and encounter an intelligent agent that tutors you.
  • Rocket Car! - build and launch your very own rocket car! How far will yours go?
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Life Factory

  • Butterflies Under Pressure workshop where you can create butterfly wing art!
  • Superpillars Assemble! Get moving and learning with an exciting dance session led by LYNNEBEC where you can discover the perils that caterpillars, butterflies and moths face in their habitat.
  • Zooming into life - with Oxford Brookes Centre for Bioimaging. Explore the tiny details of plants, animals and microbes with light microscopes.
  • Waste warriors - discover the impact waste has on the world around us and how we can help by recycling at school and at home.
  • Get up close and personal with awesome creatures from Crocodiles of the World.
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Discovery Zone

  • Animal Tai Chi, calligraphy and Chinese language taster sessions from the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes.
  • Science and archives - Ever wondered how we keep old items usable? What happens when we get given some books, and they're mouldy and rusty? Science intervenes!
  • I wonder… the science of poetry! Did you know that many poets have been scientists? And many scientists have been poets! Join Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre to discover the connections between these two areas and write some science-inspired poems with us!
  • Forensic Science in Pop Culture - A session that asks us to really think about why we love stories about gruesome crimes and the forensic science that might explain them.
  • Bright Sparks Science presents a spooky Halloween special science show!

You can also catch our suitably spooky film at 4pm: The Adams Family!

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Can’t make it to the Science Bazaar? Or just want more Science Bazaar fun? No problem! We’ve got a range of activities you can do at home, including quizzes, virtual tours, challenges and much more! Check out Science Bazaar 2022 web activities.

Science Bazaar Beyond 2023

The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar Beyond will be back on Saturday 18th February 2023! This FREE event is open to all. Fun for all the family and most suitable for 5-12 years.

Join us on campus to meet our staff and students, explore our interactive stands, learn something new, and to get stuck into our many activities!

We will be following the British Science Week (10-19 March 2023) theme of “Connections”. Where you can explore topics such as; how all living things are connected through evolution; how the internet connects people across the world; how we are connected to our planet's health; how our brains are connected to, and therefore control our bodies; and much, much more!

We will be running a relaxed viewing for SEND learners from 9:30am - 11:30am. With a quiet zone, sensory stalls and accessible activities.

The festival will open to all from 11:30am - 4pm. Be prepared to explore, listen, watch, build, experiment, get messy and most of all have FUN! Expect to see Science Bazaar Beyond regulars Bright Sparks Science and Crocodiles of the World as well as exciting activities led by our staff and students! You can also get creative with LEGO with The BRICK People. discover comic book illustration with Neill Cameron or join in with Drag Queen Story Hour with Aida H Dee!

We hope to see you there!

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