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Science Bazaar over the years

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar ‘Connections’ 2023
On Saturday 18th February 2023 the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar followed the British Science Week theme of ‘Connections’. New for 2023, the Science Bazaar ran a ticketed, relaxed autism-friendly early opening, for those who prefer a quieter event experience. Later in the day the event was open for all to explore the 30+ different activities. Over 3,200 excited visitors enjoyed the day, taking part in activities such as designing their own Edible Street from LEGO, creating comic strips based on ethical AI, and being amazed by Spot the robot dog!    

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar ‘Growth’ 2022
Saturday 29th October 2022 was the first Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar held in person at our Headington Campus following 2021’s entirely virtual Science Bazaar Beyond event. The Science Bazaar followed the British Science Weeks theme of ‘Growth’. Over 800 visitors explored the 20 different activities on offer. Visitor favourites included The Big T: using technology to help children with cancer feel better, Waste Warriors, and the Science of Poetry. 

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar Beyond Virtual Event ‘Discovery and Exploration’ 2021
On Saturday 13th February 2021 the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar went Beyond! In response to the covid-19 pandemic the Science Bazaar ran, for the first time, an entirely virtual program. Following the theme of ‘Discovery and Exploration’, over 500 virtual visitors got to explore the 20 different ‘live’, pre-recorded, and downloadable activities. 

Highlights of what was on offer can be viewed here.  

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar ‘Our Diverse Planet’ 2020
The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all rely on biodiversity. On Saturday 29th February 2020 Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar followed the British Science Week theme ‘Our Diverse Planet’. The Science Bazaar welcomed over 2,500 visitors from across the UK to explore over 30 different activities. Some of the highlights included cancer-themed video games from Winchester Science Centre, Chinese tea ceremonies with the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes, getting up close and personal with baby crocodiles from Crocodiles of the World, meeting beautiful birds from Hawk Walk, and creating gooey slime with Bright Sparks Science!

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar ‘Explosion of Elements’ 2019
The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar got visitors' minds rocking on Saturday 23rd February 2019 by inviting them to discover - what our world is made of - in their ‘Explosion of Elements’-themed activities! 2019 was the International Year of the Periodic Table and the Science Bazaar welcomed 1,500 excited visitors from across Oxfordshire to explore the 20 different activities on offer. From examining creepy crawlies and fancy flowers down the microscope, to making and launching rocket cars, and improving balance and coordination in the drums alive exercise program, there was something to surprise, amaze and inspire everyone who came.

Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar ‘10th Birthday Bonanza’ 2018
On Saturday 24th February 2018 the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar celebrated its tenth birthday with a day full of celebrations and amazing science! This year, the Bazaar took visitors on a journey through time to explore discoveries from the past and breakthroughs of the future! The Science Bazaar welcomed over 2,000 visitors from across Oxfordshire and beyond to explore the 23 different activities on offer across the four event zones. Some of the highlights were visitors got to look through the eyes of a modern paramedic by exploring the pop-up ambulance and try their hand at real-life medic training, busted myths about the brain, and took a spin in the Oxford Brookes Racing simulator!