• Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar 2019

  • The Science Bazaar, Headington Campus, Saturday 23 February from 10.30 - 16:00 

    This free event will be packed with exciting activities offering something for everyone, from fitness to healthy foods, from getting up close to creepy crawlies to making an Exosome Monster!

    2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table and we invite you to join us in exploring the elements that make up our world - in the widest sense. Expect to be surprised, amazed and excited all at once at our 2019 Science Bazaar!

    In this fun-filled day meet our staff and students and learn new things from biology and brains to human health and technology. Be prepared to build, draw, experiment, talk, jump, laugh and think. Listen to short pop-up talks and discover the four essential Brookes Science Bazaar elements: slime, sand, gloop and glitter.

    Activities are aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.

    Examples of our activities are:

    • Magnificent microscopes. From creepy crawlies to fancy flowers, discover what life looks like at the microscopic level and find out more about our Bioimaging Unit.
    • Looking through the eyes of a modern paramedic: A practical hands-on experience exploring the world of modern paramedics. Learn basic life support and other useful life-saving skills.
    • Photogrammetry: Do you have a digital or smartphone camera? Then you can make 3D models of real world objects or scenes using photogrammetry.
    • Rocket Car Derby. Build and launch your own air powered rocket car.
    • Drums Alive is an exercise programme using medicine balls and drum sticks. A fun way of exercising with benefits for balance, coordination and memory
    • Fun with exosomes. Learn about exosomes by taking a 3D tour inside cells. Battle to see who can sort the most exosomes and make an Exosome Monster.
    • The Psych Booth: Take part in real research studies.Children use a PC game to judge players’ misbehaviours and parent complete a questionnaire about parenting styles and their children’s personality.

    Our researchers are looking forward to meeting you and talking about their work. The activities will be engaging and hands-on, and while everyone is welcome to participate, they will be aimed at children aged 5-14 years old.

    Getting to Brookes Science Bazaar

    Please note that parking at Oxford Brookes University is limited.

    Campus directions, maps and travel information is available on our website

    To increase sustainability and lower traffic congestion, people travelling to the University are encouraged, where possible, to use the local public transport and sustainable travel options.

    If you have further questions about the Brookes Science Bazaar, please email us

    We hope to see you there!