Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Health Promotion

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  • Health Promotion and Rehabilitation

    Our research contributes to the understanding of effective methods for health promotion and rehabilitation, with a particular emphasis on the role of sport, exercise and physical activity in relation to health promotion, rehabilitation, sports injuries and sports medicine. We are particularly focused upon on the use of various nutritional and training interventions to improve physical health and psychological well-being. We also work on cardiac autonomic health and how it may be influenced by chronic training modalities or dietary intervention, based on a non-invasive measure of heart rate variability. Furthermore, we also study the potential benefits of participation in sport, exercise and physical activity as a means of generating positive health outcomes for patients suffering from acute and chronic medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. Finally, we are investigating the potential to improve injury prevention and recovery practices within the domains of sport, exercise and physical activity, including emphasis on concussion management protocols, research into paediatric orthopaedics, and sports medicine research.

    Recent projects include:

    • Exercise interventions to improve cognitive and physical function of older adults.
    • Physical activity levels and stress in University students.
    • Impact of challenging environments (mountain trekking) on student's emotions, resilience, vitality and transferable skills.
    • Role of muscle function in the postural control of older adults.
    • Non-invasive methods of assessing central vascular health in older adults and clinical populations and the effects of sedentary time on vascular health and strategies to mediate this.
    • Determinants for the development of multiple long term health conditions in people with early onset mental health disorders (KHP funded project - collaboration with Kings College London and Maudsley NHS Trust).
    • Tackling Colour Blindness in Sport, investigating prevalence of colour blindness in football (EU Erasmus+ funded project).
    • Paediatric oncology and exercise therapy investigating how exercise is perceived by childhood cancer patients, their parents and staff working on a paediatric oncology ward.
    • Clinical trial investigating the use of dapagliflozin to prevent hypoglycaemia during and after exercise (collaboration with OCDEM Oxford University).