Nutrition, Sport and Physical Activity

Our degrees are designed to prepare you for a career in this important subject area spanning nutrition (including public health nutrition and clinical nutrition), health, sport, exercise science, coaching, and physical education. You’ll learn from academics who combine passion for their subject with international recognition. Our strong employability strand helps you to build experience and create opportunities in a range of settings.


Nutrition kitchen laboratory

  • Human Performance lab
  • Strength and Conditioning suite
  • Rehabilitation suite
  • Bod Pod
  • Metabolic booth room
  • Nutrition kitchen laboratory

Commercial Services

Nutrition and Health Commercial Research and Consultancy

Nutrition and Health Commercial Research and Consultancy

We carry out work on behalf of a diverse range of clients from the health and food industry. We partner with manufacturers, retailers and suppliers ranging from small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to multinational global organisations.

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