Nutrition focuses on helping people improve their overall health and performance through nutritional practices. It’s an exciting area of study that encompasses fields such as:

  • Healthy eating and eating disorders
  • The science of food and food production
  • Psychology of food.

Our interactive degree will equip you with practical skills, research, clinical and industry knowledge required to succeed in the field of nutrition.

Choosing the right course

CourseDuration (if taken without placement year)LocationCourse focusIdeal for people interested in a career in
Life Sciences Foundation1 year leading to a 3 year degree courseHeadington CampusThis foundation course focuses on developing your scientific skills and knowledge including fundamental biological, biochemical, mathematical and academic skills.This foundation year will enable you to progress on to any of our undergraduate Biosciences, Nutrition, Sport and Physical Activity degrees.
Nutrition3 years with the option of international study or an additional placement yearHeadington CampusThis course focuses on exploring the link between performance, diet, health and disease. You will create, deliver and evaluate a range of practical and educational food based initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyle changes. 
  • Nutritionists
  • Food technologists
  • Dietitian
  • Community Education officer
  • Science Writer
Nutrition Science (Final Year Entry)1 yearHeadington Campus / Distance LearningThis course is for people with a Higher education Diploma in Life Sciences. The course covers food science, the clinical and social/behaviour aspects of nutrition, health/wellbeing and professional conduct.
  • Nutritionists
  • Food technologists
  • Dietitian
  • Community Education officer
  • Science Writer
Postgraduate taught
Applied Human Nutrition1 yearHeadington CampusThis course is designed for people who want to enhance their skills in being able to analyse the specific problems of global nutrition. You will additionally get involved with cutting edge government based research which will build your skills in developing new products with specific health and nutritional benefits.
  • Food service providers
  • Medical food companies
  • Health Promotion as Food and Health Coordinators
  • Government and policy to improve the health of the population
Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition1 yearHeadington CampusThe MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition focuses on the role of nutrition in the optimisation of sport and exercise performance. You will develop your professional skills within our cutting edge lab facilities in addition to the skills to be able to interpret the use of energy, macronutrients and micronutrients. 
  • Exercise referral
  • Working with sports teams
  • Assisting with food provision for athletes
  • Nutrition consultants
Dietetics (Pre Registration)21 monthsHeadington CampusThis course prepares you to use food and nutrition science to improve health and wellbeing. You'll develop an understanding of the links between diet, eating behaviour, health, and disease backed by research and enhanced through placement-based learning in a breadth of specialities both at NHS and with other providers.
  • Clinical, community or public health dietitian
  • Nutrition-related roles within charities, trade associations, or the government*
  • Health promotion or education specialist including working in the media

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