A user guide to file encryption

File encryption is increasingly considered as a robust means of protecting sensitive and/or confidential documents whether or not they are to be shared. This page provides guidance on installing and using two University approved encryption tools for use on Windows and MacOs computers: 7-zip and Keka. Linux users can use the File Roller application (with p7zip-full installed) or try one of the 7-zip ports available on the 7-zip website.

The maximum file size for encryption is 16 Exabytes (EB), almost limitless for most purposes. There should be no geographical restrictions on downloading the software.

When sharing documents, do not give out the encryption password using the same email account from which you are sending the encrypted file. For security either phone the recipient with the password or send an SMS to a trusted mobile number.

Once a file is shared, the recipient must have the same encryption software to be able to view, amend and re-encrypt the file.

The Brookes IT Service Desk will be happy to assist with installation and use of these encryption tools however it is important to note that they will not be able to restore access to files should you forget the password.

You will need local administrator privileges to proceed with installation on a Brookes supplied device, if you do not have local administrator access please contact: https://service.brookes.ac.uk/brookes/. Go to: IT Services Requests > Software Ordering > IT Services Software Request > Software Requests (and tick the 'software not in list' checkbox) alternatively call on ext. 3311.