Research integrity

Oxford Brookes University expects the highest standards in the conduct of all research undertaken by its staff, students and visitors. The University’s policies aim to ensure others have confidence and trust in the methods and the findings of the research. This relates both to the academic rigour of the research and to the professional integrity of researchers.

Central to this are the key values of:

  • Honesty in all aspects of research including gathering data, reporting findings and acknowledging the work of others.
  • Rigour in using appropriate research methods in line with prevailing disciplinary norms and standards, adhering to an agreed protocol, drawing interpretations from the research and communicating the results.
  • Transparency and open communication in declaring potential competing interests, the analysis and interpretation of data and making research findings widely available.
  • Care and respect for all research subjects, users and beneficiaries; including humans, animals, the environment and cultural objects. Those engaged with research must also show care and respect for the integrity of the research record.
  • Accountability of funders, employers and researchers to collectively create a positive and inclusive research environment.